« Apprendre pour Comprendre »« Learn to understand » is a blog created in the optics to sensitize the Cameroonian and African youths, and the public opinion on some ailments which are not publicized enough and which are afflicting our society. We are sometimes judging too hastily and harshly on tragedies broadcasted on medias due to ignorance. Same for those who get themselves entangled in escape illusions searching for the Eldorado and hit themselves to tragic and fatal obstacles by ignorance. Ignorance is therefore our principal enemy. We should no more perish by lack of knowledge. This blog will be based on real facts, analysis, testimonies and interactions between users for no one owns the monopoly of knowledge. The objective of this blog is to inform each other so before starting any action no one will ignore the ins and outs. Another objective we have is to create (Le Pont B – Bridge B) if need is a solidarity chain and help to victims of these ailments.