About us

Global word vision international does not pursue any political, religious, racial or ethnical interest but tries to the extent possible to present facts and social issues in other angles and facets that most of us do not know due to ignorance or maybe avoid to talk about it for fear of arousing inconsistent opinions. We want to serve as a relay between villages, cities, regions, countries and also our focus on the international scale ie between continents. We are also searching for projects and themes which could benefit of a worldwide attention. For this we rejoice in any partnership in this perspective especially in our vision of a truly “global” world.

Global: we approach certain social issues on all facets.

World: which signifies the earth is the limit of issues of interest to us. Themes in relation with planet Mars or Jupiter do not benefit of our attention.

Vision: we are conscious not to have the monopoly of knowledge.” We therefore know we know nothing”. So, we share here with you readers our point of view and vision on themes that we approach or the help we want to bring.

International: our objective is to increase our networks in different countries and different continents. We already have bases in Cameroon, Sweden, France and Germany.

GWV-Int. by “learn to understand” wants to be a source of information, an educative web site and a platform where applicants and project developers (social, educative and entrepreneurial) meet to exchange and put in place projects for those in need. It is also a question of relating Africa with the world and the opposite too for everything is possible. All what is needed is the good information and good networking.

We also organise workshops, seminars, trainings and participate to conference on many social themes and of the human resources domain as the development of the staff and the company. Since 2018 we create Le Pont B about Immigration for Students. Our Services are hier .

Thanks for joining us in this new adventure.